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Many women feel like they are tossed and turned to be who they need to be to fit into every opinion that comes their way. As people pleasers by nature, many women seem to get pulled in disparate directions, all based on the wants and desires of their peers, co-workers, colleagues and bosses. This leaves women feeling disempowered, frazzled, burned out and ineffective.
During this retreat, we focus on the core reasons why this happens at work, in the community and at home. We empower you to identify the core triggers that set you off and spin your out on undesired tangents, and how to mitigate those triggers. You discover first hand the “why” behind the disparity and stress that prevails in your work life and you dissect some of the core unconscious impulses operating in the background.
As a result of the Ignite Power Retreat and 100 days of training, you will be well on your way to activating your internal guidance system and be in control of your own leadership essence, regardless of the environment that you are operating in.


Everyday, women go through unique family, work, emotional, spiritual, physical, financial challenges that have the potential to derail their goals and objectives and leave them feel defeated in the process. Often, the negative situations are unpredictable, unavoidable, and most certainly destroy the good outlook women leaders naturally have about life, leaving these same women temporarily without hope, courage or tenacity to push forward and excel.

These challenges are universal for both men and women in leadership and won’t cease to exist. This is why it is crucial for leaders, especially women rising to leadership to learn how to navigate these ever present challenges with power and ease.

Achieving inner peace regardless of circumstance is a natural superpower women have access to, it just takes a little practice. Learning to rise above the day to day problems hurled at you and think strategically and act holistically is the difference between good leadership and great leadership and you can learn how.

In the Ignite Power retreat, we enable you to become more intentional with your focus of attention and help you shift from the being a victim of the negative issues to accepting what is so and rising above the drama to find the best solution. You learn how to keep calm, present and peaceful regardless of life, family and work challenges.

In this retreat, we teach meditation & yoga philosophies as well as give you transformational practices that are guaranteed to elevate your response agility and allow you to create peace of mind regardless of circumstance, challenge and stress.

After the workshop, you have the ability to powerfully choose a response to stress and pressure that is a natural and true reflection of your core values and vision for your life.


Women in leadership are often at a loss on how they “should” manage their people. With the overabundance of male leaders and the lack of female leaders to role model balanced styles of leadership—let’s admit it—most of us are just making it up as we go along.

Deep inside, you know there is a better way for you to lead. You know at some level you are holding back and yet you’re not sure what you need to do to be the most effective leader you can be.

You want to develop yourself as the kind of leader who inspires people, creates enrollment and that people want to be around. We show you how.

During the retreat, we give you access to teaching, tools and resources for you to become more keenly aware of your entire leadership presence. We train you to unleash and reveal your essential qualities that make you a leader people would want to emulate. You learn how to craft a compelling vision and how to inspire and enroll people in that vision.

Additionally, you learn to gain buy in and ignite passion from those who you lead.

As a result of the Ignite Power retreat, you are much better equipped to lead with a balanced and integrated approach. You learn a highly attuned way to lead that simultaneously interweaves both the essential mature feminine and the mature masculine leadership traits. Integration allows for you to balance producing results while creating collaboration and building relationships while making concrete plans and holding accountability with rigor and inspiration.


Leadership involves making the tough calls for your team or company’s good, whether you or your people like it or not. However, most female leaders are overly concerned that they the lack the courage, resolve, and confidence to have the tough and necessary conversations that drive real change.

Some women continually second guessing themselves, constantly question their competence when in comes to challenging people and have chronic fear of being rejected, being unpopular or even disliked.

Over time, this suppression of leadership and accountability diminishes the respect and influence female leaders, or maybe even you have with your people. Undelivered communications, unfulfilled expectations and thwarted intentions leave you and others feeling upset and diminished. We enable you to change all that.

During the retreat, we show you how to transform yourself into the best leader you can be. We guide you to break-through your personal and professional leadership barriers.

We address all the things that are holding you back and are keeping you from achieving the ultimate agility in leadership and in becoming the strong, decisive, and effective leader you authentically are. Our workshop enables you to thrive and make a quantum leap towards being the leader you aspire to be—a strong, powerful, effective leader who is at the forefront of leading transformation and improvement.

Ignite Power is a catalyst for you to grow into the best version of yourself as a leader and as a woman!


Being a Leader today takes its toll on almost everybody—leadership may sap you of your physical, mental, and emotional strength and will continue to drain you if you neglect to recoup and refocus on things that help you improve yourself, excel in leadership, and restore your joy in what you do.

When self care is on the back burner – stress, frustration, and depression can sink in where drive, passion and energy once existed.

Over time this sustained state of unmanaged stress causes you to lose your creativity and vitality and eventually leads to burnout and career regression.

Through our specially designed Ignite Power leadership intensive program, we give you tools, training and prowess to ignite your passion for leadership, clarify your vision, gain freedom in expressing your mind, dismantle learning beliefs, and pave the path to be your best self.

By the end of the retreat, you have everything you need to move forward in your leadership journey with a clearer vision, and a renewed excitement, joy, vitality, and passion for leadership.

Your dynamic team of women leaders
for this retreat includes:

Laura Rogers

Laura Rogers

Yoga & Meditation Leader

Nathalie Chapron

Nathalie Chapron

Elite Image Consultant

Colleen Cannon

Colleen Cannon

Women's Health, Wellness & Vitality - Mighty Condria

Hanna Pebworth

Hanna Pebworth

Emerging Leadership / Group Coach / Moderator

April Rizzi

April Rizzi

Executive Coach / Leadership

Kamin Samuel

Kamin Samuel

Wealth and Career Coach


Serving leaders in organizations to lead successful and fulfilling lives since 2007. Life and Leadership Coach, experienced therapist, facilitator and group leader.

Co-Creator and Senior Program Leader

Magi is the Principal of KeenAlignment. She has been a business owner and president of her company for over 20 years. Awarded “Most Influential Woman in Business” and “Business Owner of the Year.” Industry innovator. Executive coach, Corporate culture consultant.

Your men’s panel includes:


Yanush Cherkis

Yanush Cherkis

Advisor to Inspiring Leaders

Jim Zasowski

Jim Zasowski

Business Owner/ Entrepreneur/ Career Coach

Miguel Saldana

Miguel Saldana

Situational Leadership/Leader as a Coach/Servant Leadership

Lucas Roy Lehman

Lucas Roy Lehman

Personal Power and Intimacy Coach

Experience firsthand what a professional panel of men have to say about the Me Too movement.

Enjoy an open conversation with men about their thoughts on equality. Hear what our panel of men have to say about what they think holds some professional women back.

Begins May 2nd at 6:30 pm PST, Ends May 4th at 4:00 pm PST

1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA

$1660 includes lodging at this
beautiful retreat center.

Limited Spaces Available

Come join in this practical, experiential and transformational intensive, accessing the wisdom of our community of professional like-minded women leaders.

What is the Ignite Power Heart of Feminine Retreat?


Ignite Power Workshop Series is designed specifically by professional women for professional women.
The Ignite Power Workshop Series and retreat empowers your capacity to lead by combining the mature aspects of feminine and masculine into a balanced and integrated approach to leadership.

What can you expect from the retreat?

Craft A Palpable Vision

Create your own motivating and inspiring vision through a combination of:

  • body movement
  • meditation
  • art
  • visioning
  • support of other women who have and are living designed lives

When you leave you will have you have a palpable vision that’s moving, touching and inspiring – one that drives and propels you.

Break Through Your Barriers

Take off the blinders and get a real sense of what limits you, holds you back, keeps you from achieving what you want to achieve – whether it’s internal or external.

In the retreat you will be empowered to identify the answers to the following questions in your leadership ability:

  • Where do you hold back?
  • Where do you sell out?
  • Where do you limit yourself?
  • Where do you suppress your leadership?

During the retreat, you will learn to isolate and dismantle those barriers and put them where they belong, behind you.

Develop And Refine Your Presence

Work with a team of experts to enhance and polish how you present in front of a group, how you approach a problem, share an idea, and speak your mind.

Our workshop series will help you answer the following questions and establish an executive presence:

  • How do we present in the front of the room?
  • How do we approach a problem?
  • How do we share an idea?
  • How do we speak our mind from our best self, integrating both masculine and feminine, along with our values and our vision?

You will become more keenly aware of your entire presence package – how you speak, body positioning, and appearance. We will also touch on fitness, health issues and self-care.

Post-Retreat Support: 100-day Support and Coaching Sessions

You will have 3 coaching sessions about maximizing your effectiveness as a female leader—after the retreat, over the course of 100 days, you will meet (remotely) with your group once a month, over a Zoom video with a coach.

And on top of that, you have a Facebook group, with a moderator and with the entire community of women, where you’re on the journey together.

The Ignite Power Roadmap

By the end of the retreat, you will have everything you need to move forward in your leadership journey, but you will not leave alone.

You will have the support of an entire community of like-minded women through weekly meetings, video coaching, a Facebook group and the lasting friendships you will make along the way.

Come and join Ignite Power, Awakening Feminine Leadership and grow into your best version of yourself as a leader and as a woman.  You’re guaranteed to know yourself at your highest level of effectiveness.

Join our “Ignite Power, Awakening Feminine Leadership” workshop series and grow into your best version of yourself as a leader and as a woman.

Begins May 2nd at 6:30 pm PST, Ends May 4th at 4:00 pm PST

1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA

$1660 includes lodging at this
beautiful retreat center.

Limited Spaces Available

Come join in this practical, experiential and transformational intensive, accessing the wisdom of our community of professional like-minded women leaders.

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